Decaptcher API:

IF you need to use decaptcher api, You will need to add our server ip to your HOST.ETC file,

Step 1: add ip to host file: To editing your hosts.etc file manually. Open Notepad as administrator. (Windows 7, Right click on notepad and select, Run as administrator),  Notepad> File > Open, In the open file location, Navigate to System drive (usually C) Windows> System32> drivers> etc > Folder, open hosts.etc file, [if you are not seeing the hosts.etc file in ETC folder , Then select all file in notepad File type drop-down].

Navigate to last line in hosts.etc and add lines mentioned below

and save hosts.etc file by File>Save.

Step 2: After editing the hosts.etc file, Use your  username and password in login field on your software. it will solve captcha by our service!
For any help, do not hesitate to contact us.