Is a human-powered image recognition and CAPTCHA solving service. Moreover, the investments made in purchasing the PCs, the web proxies, the training and education of the staff by providing them with tips for increasing their CAPTCHA solving productivity, as well as the sophistication of the web based applications aiming to empower non-technical users, clearly explain why India remains the market leader in CAPTCHA solving, with thousands of legitimate data processing workers converted to CAPTCHA solvers.

In 2013, Google’s security blog described actively considering the user’s entire engagement with the CAPTCHA—before, during and after they interact with it.” A paper presented at a 2016 Black Hat conference outlined tactics like installing cookies, examining what browser someone is using (this is known as a user agent” and can be faked), and testing whether said browser can render certain elements on the page.captcha solver ocr 1.1

Technically, nothing would prevent human farms: you may create animated GIFs where several frames display different text very quickly, and only one frame is actually visible by the user, human captcha solvers you may distort or bend text in all directions or find new, alternative ways to prevent OCRs from recognizing text, still humans paid for solving CAPTCHAs will successfully solve them.

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